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Customer Loyalty Card

Nawty Secrets Customer Loyalty Card holders agree to abide by the following conditions:

The Nawty Secrets Customer Loyalty Card is owned and operated by Nawty Secrets. The Customer Loyalty Card is governed by these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

Minimum information required to be part of the program is First Name, Last Name, Postcode contact phone number and email address.

What we share with others: NOTHING - We take your privacy seriously!

The Customer Loyalty Card entitles card holders to various discounts and benefits, as varied from time to time. Benefits and or discounts applicable on the Customer Loyalty Card is at the absolute discretion of Nawty Secrets, and the Customer Loyalty Card may be refused or withdrawn from any person, at any time, without reason.

How to become a Nawty Secrets Customer Loyalty Card Holder:
Sign up personally in-store with one of our friendly team members.

Online Customers please contact Nawty Secrets 08 9399 4422 or email

Customer Loyalty Cards are specific to the membership status of the Customer Loyalty Card Holder. All new Customer Loyalty Card holders start as BRONZE level, unless otherwise advised by Nawty Secrets.

How to earn points:
Customer Loyalty Card holder points are earned when making eligible purchases in-store at Nawty Secrets Adult Store in Armadale , or online at &

Members must show their Customer Loyalty Card or quote their Customer Loyalty Card number when making purchases in-store. Otherwise the member will not receive their discount for that purchase.

Customer Loyalty Card holders when purchasing online must quote there Customer Loyalty Card number and apply the correct discount code for the applicable discount to apply. Discounts cannot be applied or given after the completion of the online order.

Customer Loyalty Card levels:
Customer level status is based on points earned in the financial membership year. A membership year is defined as one year from the 1st July of the year the Customer Loyalty Card was issued.

The points currently required to attain the various levels (calculated on 1 point = $1), and the discount levels applicable are outlined in the below table:


Points Required

Discount Level








over 2000



by invitation only

Membership status resets at the end of each financial year. If enough points were not earned to retain the existing status, then the member will drop down one level (e.g. from Gold to Silver)

Variations to or cancellation of the Customer Loyalty Card
Nawty Secrets may, for any reason, at any time and with any notice period (including none) vary or withdraw any or all of the conditions, benefits, features of the Customer Loyalty Card, add or change any discounts, benefits or at any time and with any notice period (including none), suspend or cancel the entire Customer loyalty Card.

The Customer Loyalty Card may be cancelled at any time by contacting Nawty Secrets.

Nawty Secrets reserve the right to cancel any Customer Loyalty Card at its discretion. Any discounts and offers may be withdrawn at any time, for any reason.

The Customer Loyalty Card holder agrees to receive promotional/marketing emails from Nawty Secrets.

For our full Privacy Statement please refer to:

Alternatively you can contact us:

Shop 5, 40 Fourth Road
Armadale WA 6112

P:  08 9399 4422