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Naughty Or Nice

Creative Conceptions

Naughty Or Nice


3 Romantic Games In One
A TRIO OF GAMES TO TEMPT, TEASE AND TANTALISE. Three unique games packed with Naughty and Nice ideas to make any relationship more spontaneous! The ''Nice'' suggestions will help you to create romantic date ideas and tender moments for you both to share, bringing you even closer as a couple. Whilst the ''Naughty'' suggestions will add sizzle and spice to your love life, with kinky ideas and erotic surprises. A flip of the poker chip and a roll of the dice will decide when you are Naughty and when you are Nice. How to play: GAME 1: STUCK ON YOU Turn your bodies into a sexy board game by placing the numbered action stickers on your favourite erogenous zones. Roll to see what treat is coming your way. GAME 2: NAUGHTY OR NICE DATE NIGHTS 6 date scratch cards featuring 12 ideas for impromptu date nights. 6 are nice, 6 are naughty... Simply flip the counter to see which it will be. GAME 3: THAT'S HOW WE ROLL 72 fun things to do together, half naughty half nice. Choose an appropriate card for the occasion, roll the die, and let fate decide what treat you're to receive!

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